Another electric nap / detail 1 / detail 2 / detail 3 / detail 4
  A few years back I saw an amazing exhibition of William Kentridge’s work. I love the way he mixes realities in his videos and his drawings are wonderful.
  The large figure in my drawing is inspired by one of his.
  I left the Kentridge show sketching figures in similar poses, and when I got back to my studio I started a large drawing based on his composition.
  After about a week I realized that I had no idea how to finish what I had started so I began a second piece, which turned into “Another electric nap.”
  Around this time I saw “Art in the streets” at MOCA and my thoughts on that show steadily crept into my work. I found it flashy, overwhelming, and
  distracting – sort of the antithesis of the William Kentridge show – and I wanted to capture some of that energy. I wanted to make something thoughtful
  and really decorate the hell out of it. I wanted to add sparkles and glitter to something shy and self conscious.